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Creatives Unite - a musical endeavor inspired by the universe

Updated: Mar 3

Are you open to a musical collaboration?

Are you into recording original music of your own?

If the answer is a resounding yes, continue on to see if you're further interested in this idea. This is not a marketing gimmick. There is nothing to buy or sell here. We hope to answer all of your questions the further along you read.

A little bit about us and why we ask.

First, we are real people. Artists unto our own right. Musically open and creative people that appreciate the undisputed healing quality of music. We are practicing musicians, passionate about providing the world with a glimpse of the hidden music that resides deep within our souls.

Creatives Unite is a vision where musical laypeople such as ourselves, digital artists, audio, video and production folk alike come together and make contributions that expand the art and create more open space for all of us. The idea is to represent this collective of talent in a way that reaches our desperate world with a loving touch...from a new source of content that comes together in a very human way...providing all of us a new connection that allows the creativity to flow and thrive. All the while, we are surfacing the music in the heart of all of us. If that doesn't provide we creatives with a worthwhile agenda, I'm not sure what would.

Why are we doing this? Because we can. In the midst of our work, we realized the possibility. We are creative people, looking to unite with other creatives who are willing to be generous and open in an effort to further develop the a way that provides value to all. That's why we are supporting the home grown artist. We've seen them make contribution after contribution, and they so generously give with heart and passion. The idea was born from our collective work with them...this is how we know all this is possible.

Where do we come in? We have resources that we will share to help you finish a track, fill the holes with custom work and master the mix to make it sound great.

My name is Lou Camporeale. I'm the creative behind Creative Music Tracks.

All respectful ideas are welcome. Our vibe is a jazzy, bluesy, ambient, orchestral, acoustic blend of things. We are a trusted brand. You'll find me on the Creatives Unite Site as "LouGuitars" - a fun site name I use as a contributor.

In addition, since we fall under the umbrella of Creative Music Tracks ... contributors that fit our vibe and provide useful content might be recognized on Creative's website, Facebook and YouTube platforms. We are building out an additional site specifically for this initiative which we plan to launch in April 2024. When we are ready in a few months, we will lay out the rules of engagement, examples, what we will and will not do and what the new downstream themes and platforms may look like. Contributing artists can represent their land, their people, their journey, the seasons, the meaning of their life and we will continue to develop the process, quality and musical content. We'll lay it all out on the upcoming site.

For now, let's enjoy the season and play. Use promo code - unite - and pick up a free wav file for your audio library:

Have ideas, music, a passion that supports this? ... fill me in. Everything is considered. An acceptable level of quality is the key to entry.

If you are inspired by the universe, let's link up.

We can do this. You can help.

Find us here:

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