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The Full Story

About Us

We are forming an Online Community of Talented Musicians, Music Producers, Digital Artists & Video Specialists.

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The community becomes a collection of home based artists supporting each other in a user friendly way, bringing a hidden layer of unrecognized talent to the surface. 


Contributors enjoy a collaboration with skillful people who are willing to generously share their talents with a joyful heart.


The group represents the genuine wholeness and soul of the artistic community.


All contributors are recognized and willingly share their unique expressions of life.


If you are open minded and have a burning creative core, imagine the sharing of skills and talents across an open online community that thrives on connection.


That's the first part of the vision.

You don't have to be or contribute anything more than who you are or what you already have to offer.


We seek passion more than polished professionalism.

Passion and skill with an eye on quality are the key to join in.


Very little grows on jagged rock.

Be ground. Be crumbled.

So wild flowers will come up

Where you are.

You have been stony for too many years.

Try something different. Surrender.



What Happens Next

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We start to easily flow in a comfortable process of give and take.  As content is created, we will begin to display and organize finalized pieces underneath themes on this site, recognize all contributors and build out playlists with video streams for new social music channels.  All content gets published under the Creatives Unite brand, with all contributors being recognized for each and every piece they contribute towards. Together we all stand more confidently.
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The Bigger Picture

The Universe is a vast electrical sea from which all things emerge ... including us ... and we are totally immersed in it. 


The Universe plays and experiments with its creative energy.


The Creatives Unite.Online collective transcends limitations by cooperating with this intelligent universal pulse, aligning artists and audience alike with the give and take creative energy that heals the heart as it passes down thru humanity.

If you are here, you probably have lots of questions.

Let's start with Rules of Engagement.

Then we'll move on to more details specifically about us.

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