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Vital Contributors & Seekers

include but are never limited to:

musicians | lyricists | vocalists | audio | video | digital content creators | poets | bloggers

You have skills and a passion for the artful content you create.  Your day job pays the bills.  Your association with us adds value to your life and future.

We are looking to slowly build dedicated and clean quality channels that represent the hidden creatives, artistic warriors and all musically impassioned souls who play alone with a ton of heart.  This is where creatives unite.

We look to provide musical skill & quality production  - and coordination together with your ideas, content and ability -  to demonstrate a new way to give back to humanity.

Legal ease on contributor ownership

Under the copyright law, a work of original authorship is protected by copyright from the moment it is fixed in a tangible medium of expression so that it could be used as evidence that the work was in existence on a certain date, or to demonstrate that the work was independently created before the creation of another work.

The important thing with copyright is that it’s more than just an idea – it has to be “fixed in a tangible medium of expression.”  When you transfer the thing to be protected from your mind to something more tangible, it is essentially protected.

When it's inside your head, it doesn’t yet have copyright protection.  As soon as you write it down or type it on your computer and hit “save,” it is now fixed.  This “fixation” is the moment at which copyright protection begins.

While you don’t have to do anything else in order to have copyright rights, there isn’t much you can do with those rights if you don’t file a federal copyright registration.  This is done through the US Copyright Office.


Creatives Unite will not formally copyright any of the collectives work or attempt to copyright the shared work of contributors without mutual consent and permission.  You can formally copyright your own work as you see fit.  You own your part in the derivative work we create together.  We date each post and credit your contribution if you need a reference.

The vision lives on earned trust with everyone's best interest in mind.

from the authorities on the subject >

Street Art
Artist Holding a Paintbrush
Holding a Paintbrush

Is it a fit?


Video Support

You love to edit and add value.  You can take an audio track, source and build quality video content around it.


You love to capture the moment.  You have an eye for the unusual, hidden and spectacular.  You love seasonal themes that can be supported with quality audio visual treatment.   You have appropriate content to send that we can store and use.

Audio Support

You create music and have files to share.  They don't have to be complete or perfect.  They just have to fit our vibe and be workable.  You are open to a collaboration that enhances your musical contributions.

You produce music and have skills that can enhance the quality of our audio output.

... the door is open

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