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Anticipating Your Questions - Addressed Up Front


For Musicians | Vocalists

You are the primary contributor.  It is your heart and soul we wish to capture.  You reside anywhere on the globe.

You can send in:

  • music that you are working on and wish to enhance

  • a vocal track looking for a home

  • a backing track with vocal stems

  • a creative music tracks project that you haven't finished

  • anything you have with full length stems would be most ideal - for the experienced people: submitting 24 bit wav files would get the best result. 


If we can use what you send us for one of our channels, we will collaborate with you and put the finishing touches on it in our studio.

Once you send takes, we'll queue them up and start to go to work on the piece in the order it arrives whole.

The more control you have over each instrument or voice in you music increases our ability to get a more professional result.


Everyone is dedicated to the best level of quality possible, which hinges on what you send and who is available to work on it.  Sometimes things move fast, sometimes they do not.


From our rules of engagement:  If any submitted tracks need revisions we will send them back with some general notes on tweaks that need to be made. If we work on a track together, it gets our best effort up front.  The goal for each of us is to get it to the quality standard required for publishing a finished piece to one of our channels. 


We value your opinion.  However, to stay true to our vision we reserve the right to maintain creative control over all projects we choose to embark on. 


Need Something to Start With?

Head over to Creative Music Tracks.  See the link below.  If you find a track that you like on any of the albums, use promo code - unite Once you put a wav file in your cart, you'll get it for free by using this one time code.  The wav files are our richest sounding.


If you submit a track that we take on for the project, we'll give you another code for two additional wav files. Keep submitting quality we can use and we will keep the backing tracks coming with no cost.  Free professional level tracks of your choosing.  Sixteen albums of original creative music all royalty free.  Not a bad gig, so play with us and build a library.

The Creative Music site also has many free instructional resources for guitarists. 

Check it out:

Creative Music Tracks


More Details

Once we have collaborated on a track, you will receive a mastered copy of the final stereo version.  Feel free to link to any page on the site and share all of your performances.  Flow with one of our themes or create one of your own.  It just has to fit.

You will given access to an online vault where we can share bigger files if the need arises.

We won't be using your stems on any different project.  We're musicians who want to play, not manage and coordinate a library of files to recycle into other projects.  We like the feel of a project to be project specific.  We wish to remain an oasis and not become a machine.

Channels and Themes

All finalized content will appear on this site in some organized fashion.  It will also find its way to new online channels where we can create playlists around themes that the growing base of content will support.

acoustic guitar with christmas lights

Holiday | Spiritual

a creative unicorn

Ambient / Meditative

guitar abstract for home page

Jazz | Blues | Vocal | Indie  No Genre Needed

Wherever a work appears on a channel, every contributor will be recognized.  We may ask a little bit about you when you make a submission.  Right now we have horn players from California and the Mid-Atlantic just nailing it with their contributions.  Notable contributions such as theirs will make their way to The Creative Music Tracks platforms for demonstration.  Some of the work may be instructional to others.  It's the give and take of the universe at play.  It's the fluid environment we want to create and operate in.

Check out our current channel guide

you'll notice that our existing platforms do not support advertising - we are not in it for that reason - and we don't like the distraction

if the collective generates income for any reason, it will always be reinvested into the supporting tools and platforms we share.

Contributors can support each others projects in a fun creative way

If we are striking a chord with you, if the vibe we share resonates in your space, we are open to ideas and shared  content

Vital Contributors to the Cause

Brazilian Musical Instruments

How it starts -

You have something to share


You have music or an idea that fits

Email me ... fill me in on what you want to share whether it be skills, musical content, graphics, ideas that fit ... tell us what drives you.


We look at everything

We may get to work together online.  If your content is not an immediate fit, we can hold on to it for future ideas if you wish.



Consistent and reliable contributors can get to know each other over time and engage each other on projects.  That's what the network is for. 


Additional resources and site features will be available for contributors who become regulars on the network.

Member interests and contact information can be shared in a secure members only area at a future time if you like someones work and want to work directly with them.


At the end of the day ...

Until we get some momentum going, all things will pass thru me for quality of fit, ongoing idea development, communication and collaboration.

I love to create and I love music.  

I have no idea where this goes.  It's the vision.

Welcome to the playground. 

Let's play

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