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My name is Lou Camporeale.  I'm a practicing / performing guitarist and music producer.  I've been deeply moved by music ever since an early age.  As I've learned to play and grow my skills over the years, I've always veered off the beaten path with my musical creations in a jazzy, creative sort of way.  Conventional form seemed too predictable for me.  I've never been a follower.  The best explanation I have is that it just passes thru me in an engagement of energy I can't explain.  That's all I have.

My Story

I wanted to be a drummer at an early age, I thought it was the easy way out of learning notes.  Later on, I learned that the trained drummers do play notes.  I was initially trained on guitar by a self taught construction worker in New York City.  He played and sang with joy - the layman with heart and soul.  His performances were rich with a cultural  pride.

When I finally left my day job for good in corporate America, Creative Music Tracks went from hobby to my only thing to do.  I wanted a site where I publish what flows thru me.  Over time, with lot's of input and validation from the field of musicians accidentally finding the Creative site, we expanded out onto Youtube and Facebook.  We already have established sites to further support the effort.

Social media drew people in to us.  Musicians, creatives, it didn't matter - performance recordings arrived in my email from people I didn't know.  We also received a host of viable input that guided us to play along.  So we did. 


The experience taught us and leads us to believe that the Creatives Unite collective is the right thing to do.  There's energy and excitement in a collaboration.  For contributors, it's an opportunity to strut their stuff, finally be recognized, and to grow as an artist contributing with a well grounded spirit.


So let's get to the frequently asked questions that we anticipate:


read more about us in our introductory blog:

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