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Empty Stage

Rules of Engagement

We expect a respectful engagement

This is an environment where we interact with each other elegantly, seamlessly with no drama, no agenda, nothing disrespectful or negative, not ever, we are zero tolerance for lower vibration attitudes, big egos or any competitive stress between us.  Zen is real here as is calm honesty.  


We flow naturally from project to project by contributing and letting go of personal agendas, ownership, competitive bravado. 

We flow and wish to continue flowing.


All contributing artists are recognized for their published work on our social platforms and websites.  If your work fits what we do, you're in.  Your contributions are the starting point that make this effort real. 


If any submitted tracks need revisions we will send them back with some general notes on tweaks that need to be made. If we work on a track together, it gets our best effort up front.  The goal for each of us is to get it to the quality standard required for publishing a finished piece to one of our channels.  We value your opinion.  However, to stay true to our vision we reserve the right to maintain creative control over all projects we choose to embark on. 

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