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A Tribute to the Life and Spirit of Jacqui Singleton

Richmond, Virginia USA

A singer, musician and songwriter who performed in clubs in what she called "new folk" style in a resonant contralto, she had been a member of several musical groups, including The Jazz Ladies.

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A Bit About Her

Jacqui's middle name was Benita, meaning "Blessed" in Latin.  She was the epitome of the creative soul, living her life as a multifaceted artist in service to others.  Warm, open and fun, she was always present and easy to be around.  She was a keen observer that could articulate with a very generous and focused energy.  She taught us that we are all just passing thru.  And that you can live on after you leave this earth.  That your life's work matters.

Her songs were her heart, ever present still.  When she took the mic, she was instantly animated and all business.  The first take often just right.  You knew in a heartbeat that she was truly blessed.  Her contralto voice type is the lowest female voice and is quite rare.  It is estimated that only about 2% of the female population has a contralto range.  Jacqui was in every measure, quite rare.

Celebrating The Life and Spirit of Jacqulyn Benita Singleton

Samples of Her Music

Island Boy
Spend Some Time
Cant You Say
Summer Thing
Baby Don't Love Here
Jacquyi Singleton Photo

All of the Creatives at play in these tunes:

Songwriter | Lyrics | Vocals | Melody - Jacqui B Singleton 

Alto Sax 1 - Dano's Sax

Alto Sax 2 - Drum Kit & Keys - LizBit 

Vocal Capture - Michael Doles - Music Producer 

Arrangements | Guitars | Orchestration - Lou Camporeale

Audio Recovery & Re-Master - Just JIMM Productions

Notable memory:  It was the spring of 1988 when we recorded Hearts in a friend's apartment.  There was no internet then, the digital music world was new and very expensive.  I was focused on Brazilian music at the time.  Jacqui's words which I can still hear to this day "Every tune doesn't have to be a bossa Lou" will be fond guidance forever etched in my mind.  When I first heard of her I was told she sang like a saxophone.  And that is what she did.  Her voice poured through her entire being very naturally, as if it took no effort.


Thankful for all the creative support that captured these timeless moments with Jacqui up front and center doing what she loved.

Image by Simon H
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