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A New Creative Outlet for Solo Musicians, Video & Digital Artists

We are an online collaborative focused on developing a music video channel dedicated to artistic growth
& inspiration.

lone tree on an island next to a hut

We Go Live May 1, 2024

Join a small group of enthusiasts including musicians, music producers, audio & video specialists who tend to create with the ever expanding brush the universe provides.

side view of mexican trumpet player

We welcome talented: 

musicians | vocalists | video & digital creators

to collaborate on a musical endeavor that will expand the creative space we all play in:

  1. enhance your network

  2. enjoy the excitement of a collaboration

  3. join a small group focused on quality & improvement

  4. contribute to a dedicated music video platform

  5. take your work to the next level

  6. be recognized for your contributions

nylon string guitar being strummed
bass player shaded with a light filter

Creatives Unite

the world isn't waiting for more of the same ...

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